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Marrakesh Nights Herbal Tea

Marrakesh Nights Herbal Tea

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Marrakesh Nights green tea blend combines traditional Morrocan mint tea with green gunpowder tea, enticing you into a sumptuous world steeping in legends and A Thousand and One Nights. Its the best possible combination of peppermint and spearmint to give Marrakesh Nights an exceptionally intense refreshing and minty taste.

Spearmint gives a delicate and sweet taste, while the subtle blend of sliced and full peppermint leaves gives an intense pungency and distinctive menthol taste for Marrakesh Nights Green tea blend.

Marrakesh Nights loose leaf tea packed into pyramid tea bags. Pyramid teabags also known as the tetrahedron-shaped tea bags, these pockets have revolutionized the entire process of packing brews into bags.

  1. Quantity of tea:
    When it comes to regular tea bags, they contain fewer teas and more fannings, making your brew taste rather dusty. With pyramid tea bags, the spaciousness of the tea bags allows packing of larger, good quality tea leaves. This gives you a top-shelf brew!
  2. Variety of flavours:
    With the spaciousness of pyramid tea bags, an assortment of infusions can be packed in them. Regular tea bags may come into a lot of flavours as well, but upon brewing the taste is hardly different from a premium brand. In pyramid tea bags, space allows infusions of flavours like rose, lavender, orange peels, lemon zest etc to give the tea that extra punch of real flavour and mouthfeel.
  3. Better Brewing:
    The pyramid tea bags have brought about innovation, thus changing the order rules of brewing tea. The triangular structure of the tea bags allows the tea leaves to move freely. When hot water is added into the cup along with the tea bag, the tea leaves move in a circular motion, then cool down. This almost mimics what happens to tea in a teapot or infuser, which utilize the tea leaves best. The shape also allows the ingredients to unwind and expand properly, realising maximum flavour into your cup. This gives the entire tea leaf to be utilized and not just a part of it or its fannings.
  4. Time Efficient:
    The structure of pyramid teabags is more porous. This not only allows a concentrated flavour to mix into the cup but also allows faster brewing. Whereas in regular tea steeps to give you the best flavour, the water has already cooled down. The brewing process is neither taste effective nor time efficient. pyramid tea bags are the best option for those who are time-bound.
  5. Travel Friendly:
    The durability of regular tea bags is not very dependable. They are more susceptible to wear and tear. Carrying these during travel means putting them in a protective box which only occupies more space. Pyramid Tea Bags, on the other hand, are very travel friendly. They are durable and strong, are not affected by an outside force that easily.
  6. A luxurious gift:
    Giving a gift to someone can be a challenging task. We often look for pocket friendly, yet classy options. Pyramid tea bags can work great as gifts. They are soft to touch, with a beautiful sheen over them. Plus, they deliver a spectacular brew to its users. Unlike regular tea bags, pyramid tea bags set a hallmark of luxury. These are great for personal use and even better for giving as gifts.

Ingredients: Green tea Gunpowder, Peppermint, spearmint. Certified organic.