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Friendly Belly Herbal Tea Fennel Chamomile Taste

Friendly Belly Herbal Tea

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A hot cup of fennel, aniseed and caraway is known to be good for digestion. Together with hop blossom, chamomile and lemon balm, it creates a delicious and soothing blend for irritated stomachs.

Everyone has the feeling of an illness, but it's not always necessary to take medicine for this. A slight scratchiness in your throat or rumbling stomach alveus Herbal Teas for moments like these.

The therapeutical herbs gently soothe milder complaints and are a delight for the palate at the same time.

Ingredients: balm, chamomile (16%), fennel (11%), liquorice root, anise, caraway, carrot, peppermint, hot petals. No added flavouring. Certified organic.