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Coffee Perfection Colombia Coffee

Coffee Perfection Single Origin Colombia Coffee

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In 1963 Cadefhuila evolved as an initiative to market dry parchment coffee for the producers of Huila. The organisation of small producers formed into a cooperative entity that represented their interests. Since 1963 Cadefhuila have aim to transfer the highest possible price to the coffee growers and support training, funding and ongoing investment in the Huila coffee sector.

Huila’s landscape is mountainous supporting a variation in climate along with a nitrogen rich soil, making it ideal for growing coffees.
The cooperative members coffee farms are located in the below municipals. Their lots are sold through the year to their local buying stations. Payment is based on local market rates and quality premiums.


Location: Huila District

Process: Fully Washed

Varietals: Mixed

Altitude: 1200-1600masl

Tasting Notes: Wonderfully bright and fruity with notes of Toffee Apple, Blackcurrant and great Sweetness

Roasted Co.Meath, Ireland