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El Salvador Fancy SHG Estate San Miguel Coffee

El Salvador Fancy ShG Estate San Miguel Coffee

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The highest grade El Salvador coffee is Strictly High Grown (SHG), at 1200meters above sea level. Coffees grown between 900 and 1200meters are classified as High Grown coffees. The altitude of these coffees cause them to grow slower, allowing them more time to absorb nutrients and develop the best possible flavour. Smooth and full-bodied coffee with mild, sweet, pleasant acidity. Luxurious, Single origin 100% Arabica with hints of milk chocolate with sweet, citrus fruits  aroma. Very delicate coffee!

  • Region: Salvador
  • Farm: Buena Vista
  • Process: Washed and Sun-dried
  • Altitude: 1200meters above sea level
  • Variety: Bourbon, Pacas
  • Strength: 3/5