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Gunpowder Green Tea

Niks Organic Gunpowder Green Tea

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Natural green tea with a rolled leaf, pleasantly spicy. Tea leaf has been rolled into small round pellets. Its English name comes from its resemblance to grains of gunpowder. Our Supreme Gunpowder green tea is a top of range variety which can be enjoyed all day, every day. Gunpowder green tea has higher caffeine levels than other teas. The rolled leaves can keep their taste and properties for over 10 years.

Gunpowder green tea benefits are:

  • Stronger Immune system.
    Studies shows that gunpowder green tea can protect against colds. This is the case for most green teas. Additionally, it showed that green tea drinkers have more of the cells that fight viruses.
  • Healthier Heart.
    According to Harvard Health Publications, drinking green tea can reduce your risk of heart disease. If you have high levels of triglycerides of cholesterol, you could be at risk for heart disease. Gunpowder green tea lowers the level of these substances. Hence, your artery walls are stronger. Damage to the arteries causes heart attacks and strokes. Drinking green tea can help prevent these events.
  • Managing Diabetes.
    Green tea Gunpowder can help with diabetes management. The catechins and alkaloids in the tea can help manage blood sugar, can powder green tea can regulate insulin levels. It can also help those who have a high risk of diabetes from developing it.
  • Live a Longer Life.
    A study in Japan looked at green tea consumption and lifespan. The people who had the longest lifespan drank over 5 cups of green tea per day. It was concluded that drinking 2-3 cups of green tea per day can help to increase your lifespan.
  • Digestion.
    There are catechins in all types of green tea. These can help reduce inflammation throughout digestive problems. This because most digestive issues involve inflammation around or in the stomach. A cup of green tea can help if you suffer from any of conditions.
  • Chronic Diseases.
    Gunpowder green tea can help reduce the risk of chronic diseases. These are things like heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer's. There are antioxidants in all green teas. When these are paired with the active ingredients in gunpowder green tea, it can prevent these chronic diseases.
  • More energy!
    It is well known that most green tea contains caffeine. However, gunpowder green tea contains more caffeine than other kinds of green tea. This is because the rolled-up leaves keep more caffeine. As a result, the tea provides a good boost of energy. Besides, it provides an alternative to coffee.
  • Weight Loss.
    There are three ingredients in gunpowder tea that help with weight loss. The first one is caffeine. the others, catechins and theanine, are less known. When these three compounds work together, they can significantly boost your metabolism. This helps the body burn more fat. Also, caffeine can help to suppress your appetite. This could help you loose weight too.